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The DISContinuum Disc Golf Club of Northeastern Illinois was originally formed as the Fling & Ching DGCONI in November 2000 and renamed DISContinuum in February of 2001. The club was formed to promote the great sport of disc golf through fun, competition, and education. Our members are located all throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Anyone can join DISContinuum! Kids, teens, adults, and seniors are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the benefits of disc golf. We are always looking for new people to throw with and to help promote this great sport.


DISContinuum is dedicated to promoting disc golf in our local communities.
DISContinuum's purpose is to raise awareness of the sport as a means of promoting physical and mental fitness through exercise, good sportsmanship, and respect for our local parks.
DISContinuum's mission is to introduce and educate new players to the sport, conduct leagues and other activities for youths and adults, and to promote the respectful usage of public lands used by disc golfers.


President: Brett Comincioli
Vice President: Tom McManus
Treasurer: Allan Short
Secretary: Jon Brakel
Webmaster: Allan Short
Founders: James Klem & Paul Christensen

2007 Board of Directors
2007 BOD
From left: Allan, Jon, Brett, Tom

Club Bylaws


Adult - $15.00 - includes 2013 bag tag
Family Membership: $7.00 per child under 16 with at minimum one Adult membership

Membership fees are due annually.

Member Rights and Obligations
Each and every member is entitled and encouraged to vote at each annual election and/or club meeting. Each and every member is entitled and encouraged to nominate himself or other members for club positions. Members shall act as ambassadors for the club, treating themselves and others with respect. Members shall abide by club rules as well as rules of local parks or courses. No person shall be refused membership because of race, creed, color, sex, age, or level of skill.

Remember - Almost all disc golf courses in the United States are FREE to play; and our annual fee wouldn't cover the green fees for one round at most ball golf courses! National average of dues for private golf courses: $1265.00!!! (*PGA) Also, the discounts you will receive as a member will easily equal or exceed your annual fee.

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You can email us anytime with questions, comments, or suggestions. We also encourage you to send us stories of local or national events, news of your personal achievements, photos, and artwork. Of course we reserve the right to refuse, the right to edit, and the right to publish your handiwork to the disc golf universe. Emails are confidential unless specified. DISContinuum will never sell or give any personal member information to anyone without that member's written consent.  

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