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When DISContinuum asks members and other players what they want from the club, the most frequent answer is "events and leagues". So you got 'em! We host four seasonal Best Shot Leagues each year, 


Best Shot Leagues are open to Pros, Advanced, Amateur and Novice players. Anyone can play! All leagues are on Sunday mornings at Bevier Park in Waukegan @ 10:00AM sharp.
All players are asked to check in 10 minutes prior to ensure they are accounted for.
Entry is $6.00 each week, $1 (optional) for CTP, and $1 (optional) for the ace fund.
The club deducts $1 from each entry fee in order to cover operating expenses and end of league prizes.
Weekly payouts to winning teams are typically:

First Place - 70% of the pot;
Second Place - 30% of the pot


Best Shot is a doubles game. Your partner is drawn randomly; we try to match Amateurs and Novices with Advanced and Pro players so that the field is more evenly matched. Sizes of groups at each hole vary from four to six, depending on turnout. At each hole, both players of each doubles team throws a drive. They then decide which of the two throws is better, or which leaves a better shot at the basket. After the other teams have driven, the team farthest away from the basket throws first. Both team members get to throw, and the best shot is again chosen. This continues until the hole is completed.
If there is an odd number of players, one person randomly draws the Midwest position. This means that person can throw one extra throw (Mulligan) per hole, and choose which of those two shots is better.

Throughout the length of league play, players accumulate points. Each person receives 1 point for showing up and 2 points for each team he/she beats with a maximum number of points awarded weekly capped at 10 points.

At the end of each league, points are tallied and prizes are awarded to the top winners.
Prizes include trophies and brass cash (which can be used for club merch or merch at any IOS event)!


If you have any questions about DISContinuum's disc golf leagues, please email us anytime or check this website for updates.

Come on out and throw! Bring a friend or make a friend, and enjoy the fastest-growing sport in the country!

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