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The Discontinuum Disc Golf Club of NE Illinois was originally formed as the Fling & Ching DGCONI in November 2000 and renamed Discontinuum in February of 2001. The club was formed to promote the great sport of disc golf through fun, competition, and education. Our members are located throughout Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northeastern Indiana.

Membership is open to everyone. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors are welcome and encouraged to enjoy the benefits of disc golf. We are always looking for new people to throw with and to help promote this great sport.

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Illinois Open Series

Discontinuum has been a promoter and sponsor of the Illinois Open Series tournaments since their inception. We highly encourage you to play an event if there is one near you! 

This year Discontinuum is proud to be the major sponsor for IOS #102 – the Case Jackson Memorial!


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It’s been an odd year but thank you for the support! The club challenge was fun yesterday. If you need a bag tag/ membership let us know. ... See MoreSee Less

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Can't link to it, so here's a screenshot. $15 basket if you're quick..... Look for the ad on the Lake County IL Garage Sale board on Facebook. ... See MoreSee Less

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As many of you know, Case Jackson #44640 passed away last year after battling with sarcoma. Case was a regular player at the IOS events and well-liked by many in the Illinois Disc Golf community. He and his wife Heather often volunteered for IOS events, arriving early and staying late to help in whatever way they could.

We are going to honor Case in two ways this year at the IOS.

First, the Squaw Creek Showdown is going to be renamed for this year only as IOS #102 Case Jackson Memorial. This event, as in the past, will be sponsored by Discontinuum.

Second, we are going to have a tip jar at each of our events. If anyone wants to leave spare change in the jar, we are going to place that in a 529 plan for Case's two year old daughter.

Registration for the Case Jackson Memorial and the other 2020 IOS events will be opening soon.
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21 hours ago

Mobil next to Adler is stocked Park in Libertyville is stocked. ... See MoreSee Less

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Marathon by Round Lake is stocked. No Discraft ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

so a few days ago I was commenting on Randy Moore's post about returning/not returning discs - about the clown a few years ago who found a disc of mine at Parkside and felt obligated to leave me a voicemail laughing because I wouldn't be getting it back.

Apparently he's got relatives.

I played a round @ Round Lake yesterday, and on the way home I got a voicemail message. I didn't pay any attention to it until I got home, and listened to it only long enough to determine that someone had found a disc. I checked my bag and couldn't figure out which one I might have left on the course (which isn't an unusual occurrence), and I figured it was just a strange coincidence.
So I listen to the entire message, and it's something to the effect that 'we found the disc, it's a great disc, you're not getting it back and I'll take good care of it.'

This time there's a # attached to the message (area code 414.) So I call him back:

"Gomer" answers (if you have any friends, relatives, or pets named Gomer, my apologies), yelling to his comrades: "Hey, this dude called me back!!"

Me: "yeah, I was calling about that disc..."

Gomer: (unintelligible)

Young woman in background: "You're not getting it back! You're not getting that disc back!"

(images of the Manson Family come to mind)

Me: "Maybe you can just tell me what kind of disc it is?"

Gomer: "Well, it's really ace-worthy. Ace-worthy, yeah."

Me: "OK, let me ask you this. What compelled you to call me if you had no intention of returning it?"

Gomer: (long pause)....."That's an excellent question."

Me: "Yeah, just trying to comprehend how your mind works. You have a swell life."

I half-expected a followup harassment call, but I imagine they were all on their way to flash-mob a Target with no face masks.
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