Fairfield Lost And Found & Lost Disc Return Program

At the request of Discontinuum officers, in early 2023, the Round Lake Area Park District installed a lost and found box at the Fairfield Disc Golf Course. Located at the park entrance next to the course map, the lost and found box has been used to return hundreds of discs to their owners!

See all unclaimed discs for sale here.

The box is emptied daily. Here’s how it works:

  1. If inked, we text an image of the disc to the owner.
  2. If not inked, we post an image of the disc on the Round Lake Disc Golf Facebook page.
  3. Pickup is located roughly 5 minutes from the course and is open 24/7.
  4. Unclaimed discs are held for 60 days.
  5. A final image of all unclaimed discs will be posted on this page below and also here
  6. After this, all unclaimed discs will be made available for sale here.
  7. ALL proceeds from unclaimed disc sales will go directly to course improvements at Fairfield.
  8. Any unsold discs will be donated to local schools with disc golf programs.

Tips On Getting Your Discs Back

First, ink your discs!!! 90% of all discs turned into the box with ink have been returned to their owners. If no ink, only about 20% of those discs are getting back to their owners.

Mark your discs with your phone number, clearly written in permanent marker.

Listing your email or PDGA# is not effective at all. Most people will not do extra work to return your disc.

People who find a disc with a name and number on it are far more likely to put it in the box. If the disc is clean, most folks will keep it if it’s a good disc.

Karma is real. The universe is much more likely to return your discs if you help out and return others!!!

How To Support This Program

Lots of people have offered to give a reward for the return of their favorite plastic. The best way to support this program is to join Discontinuum. By joining the club, you are not only supporting programs like this but all of the other things that Discontinuum contributes to the local disc golf scene and has for years!


Currently, the box is being managed by Tim Steward. The best way to get ahold of Tim is via Messenger on Facebook. You can also email him at mindbodydisc@gmail.com.

Last Chance Unclaimed Discs

All owners have been notified where possible. When not possible, images have been posted on the Round Lake Disc Golf FB page. These have been abandoned, donated, or unclaimed for over 60 days.

We’ve made every reasonable effort and then some to return these to their owners!

If you believe anything here is yours, please contact Tim Steward directly on FB messenger or at mindbodydisc@gmail.com

These discs will go on sale on Aug 28.