DISContinuum has been around as long as we have as a direct result of thousands of hours volunteered by current and past officers (and a heck of a lot of our members!). Here are the current officers for 2024, a little about them, and some of what they do for the club.

If you have ideas or suggestions for the club and want to help make those suggestions a reality, please reach out to us directly at discontinuuminfo@gmail.com. We always have more room for folks who’d like to help the club move forward and better serve the local disc golf community!

Tom McManus

PDGA#: 1276

Tom McManus, PDGA #1276, has been playing frisbee since 1970. He received his PDGA number in 1980 and played a number of unsanctioned PDGA events in the early eighties and into the 1990s. He re-upped his membership in 2005 and, since that time, has played over five hundred sanctioned events.

He was Lake County Frisbee Champion in 1977 and Northern Illinois University Frisbee Champion in 1981. Since 2006, he has been involved with Discontinuum, working as a disc golf ambassador and promoter to make the disc golf scene better in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Tom’s 3 favorite discs:
Buzzz, Katana, Judge

Ryan Pilcher

PDGA#: 93207

We don’t know much about Ryan; he’s an elusive dude! As soon as he lets us know a little about himself, we’ll get it posted here!

Ryan’s 3 favorite discs:
Groove, Stego, BlowFly

Tim Steward

PDGA#: 28106

Technically, Tim has been playing disc golf since 4th grade when he had a 6-hole, telephone pole course that he played up and down his street with an orange Wham-O.

He found “real” disc golf in 2005 and has been addicted since day one. In the last 19 years, he’s managed to become a slightly above-average disc golfer 😂.

Tim takes care of the club’s website, and the Fairfield lost and found. He plays in the Thursday 8 am league regularly, where he showcases his 700-rated putting skills.

Tim’s 3 favorite discs:
Pure, Trespass, Fuse

Scott Carlson

PDGA#: 116789

Scott is a disc golfer.

Scott has a dog named Luna.

Scott is a disc golf form coach.

Scott plays a lot.

Maybe Scott will tell us more one day!

Scott’s 3 favorite discs:
Lace, Track, Obex

Dave Brown

He does like dogs 🙃

PDGA#: 12209

Dave won the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association’s Community Service Award in March 2023.

He presented the concept of installing a disc golf course at Fairfield and has been the liaison for initial installs at numerous local courses.

He has won the prestigious Wisconsin Tour as an amateur and the Illinois State Championships as a Pro Master. He continues to support multiple other disc sports and will be the CoTD for the Guts Frisbee portion of the 2024 WUGC in Australia.

Dave’s 3 favorite discs:
9x KC Roc, Boss, Hex

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