There Can Be Only One!

One of the most fun benefits of being a Discontinuum member is our yearly bag tag challenge.

Every member is given a bag tag when they renew their membership or join for the year. Each tag has a number on it.

As we play each other throughout the year, whether it’s in casual rounds, leagues, or tournaments, tags are in play! At the end of your round or event, the player that scored the best gets the lowest number tag. Each person that places next gets the next tag in numerical order.

At the end of the season, the person with tag #1 should be the best disc golfer in the club. It’s a great way to measure your skills against other club members as well as make your casual rounds a bit more competitive and fun.

There aren’t a whole lot of rules, but there are a few…

  1. You cannot decline a challenge. Especially if you have a top-ten tag.
  2. Anyone can challenge anyone else to a tag match.
  3. Always bring your tags to club leagues and events.
  4. Keep your tag in your bag.

Bag Tag Designs & Gallery

Each year, our yearly tag is designed by a club member and selected by the club membership in a yearly tag design contest. The contest is announced and judged on the club’s Facebook page.

Here is what all of the tags have looked like going back to the club’s founding year (if anyone has a 2004 tag, please let us know, it’s the only pic we are missing!).